Get Smarter, Take The LSAT — See Also

Why Does The LSAT Make You Smarter? These researchers are on the case. A Look At Sexual Harassment In The Legal Profession: The numbers aren't great. Awww, Potheads Say The Darndest Things! Too bad these federal judges weren't amused. Remember When You Passed The Bar...

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If I Get an Infection From the Nail Salon, Can I Sue?

Any time there is an issue of negligence, a claim can be brought in court.If a nail technician fails to abide by their duty of care, and an infection results, a suit can definitely be filed. But the pain may not be worth the price. Suing Nail Salons for Negligence in...

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Can You Sue Your OBGYN for an Unnecessary C-Section?

Cesarean births, or C-sections, as they are commonly knows, are increasing at an alarming rate in the United States, up from 23 percent of all births in 2000 to 32 percent in 2015. To put these percentages in perspective, in 1985 the World Health Organization (WHO)...

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